Our Town

Happiness is found in the details. And they’re all found here.

The history of mankind has been the history of the search for happiness.

For millennia there have been theories on the nature of happiness, but not until the twentieth century have those theories been put to the test through empirical studies. With the road to happiness so well mapped out, we couldn’t wait to put those principles into action. So the design of Spirit Bay is not based on a gut feeling, or a marketing strategy. It is guided by decades of evidence. Everything we do is based on creating an environment most likely to promote human happiness.

Waterfront homes with unprecedented proximity to the ocean.

Studies show that life satisfaction is strongly influenced by location. And people who live next to the ocean are happier than people who don’t. So founding a town on the ocean was a prime driver for this endeavour.

Architecture designed for human enjoyment.

Findings indicate that life satisfaction is greatly improved with the addition of ample sunlight. We’ve designed our homes with contemporary open living spaces to maximize ventilation and view and cupolas for additional natural light to enhance daytime illumination.

A close knit community promoting human interaction.

Research has concluded that the number one driver of happiness is the quality of our relationships with other people. So we’ve designed opportunities for human interaction throughout our town and into every home – with friendly picket fences and big decks that get homeowners outdoors to meet their friends and neighbours.

Landscapes designed for healthy activity.

Studies worldwide conclude that commuters who walk or bike experience the most joy. We’ve designed narrow and winding roads to slow traffic and promote walkability.

A respect for the beauty of nature.

Research has shown that exposure to nature makes us feel more calm, focussed, even more generous. No, we didn’t design nature, but we keep nature in the foreground of all our design. We are committed to creating a positive impact on these lands. One way is with sustainable ocean-based geothermal energy, which will help make Spirit Bay a net energy creator.