“How do we inhabit a place and actually make it better?”

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present generation without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” – Our Common Future

Sustainability is one of the most burning questions facing our generation. How do we live in a world without harming the environment? How do we tread lightly on the land to preserve precious ecosystems? At Spirit Bay we ask those questions, but we go one step further.

What we’ve learned.

For 25 years The Trust for Sustainable Development has been developing sustainable communities, places that work with nature. Places where people live together and grow together. Communities where energy use is low, and the energy of people is high. We know sustainability means building strong links between people and places. Connections that touch people’s hearts and change lives.

Our vision of sustainability anchors every decision at Spirit Bay. We see sustainability with three components: economic development, environmental protection, and social responsibility. They are all linked. In a perfect world they are all in harmony.

Economic development is the base from which communities grow, the homes in which we live and the shops and businesses that support our families. No decision can be made without protecting, even enhancing natural ecosystems; decisions about the energy we use, the protection of native plants and adding diversity to the land and biosystem. Our social responsibility is far reaching, uplifting and giving back to local communities in ways that make a true difference. Each of those elements are grand tasks that demand focused solutions. But our vision of a truly sustainable community is coming to life. At Spirit Bay we see a place where:

At Spirit Bay we see a place where:

  • The air is clean
  • The night sky is dark
  • People are healthier
  • Life is more abundant
  • We are enriched by the sharing of cultures
  • We walk lighter on the land
  • We are building community